Wheat Fiber Travel Mug

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Have you ever wondered how many disposable coffee cups we as human go through each year? It turns out that every year we throw away 16 Billion coffee cups! That's and insanely huge number to huge to even comprehend! It is true that many coffee cups are made from biodegradable materials like cardboard but the plastic lining of the cups and the lids are made of plastic, think about what 16 billion plastic lids might look like. I'm sure you've heard of all the havoc plastics are wreaking on the environment and the oceans specifically. Weather animals are being poisoned by the small plastic bits that are making their way into their food chains or they are choking on them when they accidentally ingest them, it is clear that plastics are having a far reaching impact on our environment. Plastic was a great invention, it was sanitary and disposable and it was surprisingly durable while also being flexible and light weight, however, what scientists at the time didn't consider, was just how durable these plastics are. It takes thousands of years for these plastics to biodegrade visibly and it can take thousands more for the micro plastic to breakdown fully. So does it really make sense to use something once and then throw it our only to have it pollute our oceans or landfills for 1000 or more years? We don't think so. Luckily there's a better option! You can make a difference by saying no to disposable coffee cups, by buying a reusable mug you can reduce your impact on the environment every time you are able to avoid using a disposable cup. 

Whats amazing about this cup is it not only allows you to avoid plastic waste but it is also made from all natural materials. The cup is made from all-natural wheat fibers so even the cup itself has a very minimal carbon footprint. This is the perfect cup for the conscientious coffee drinker.



  • Made From All-Natural Materials
  • Double Walled insulation Keeps Drinks Hot But Hands Cool
  • Aesthetic Modern Design
Together we can win the war against plastic waste, join the fight today!